Ever dreamt of visiting a real-life LEGO land? Well, coming close enough is ‘ The Comfort Town’ in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev which features low-rise apartment blocks, each painted a different pastel color. Yes, that’s right!

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Creating a myriad of blues, greens, yellows, reds, and salmon pinks in the region of dull grey Soviet buildings, the Town is designed by Dmytro Vasyliev, Aleksandr Popov, Olga Alfiorova from the Eastern European firm Archimatika. They were apparently given a free hand to transform the area into an idyllic place to live, and have they done a fab job or what!

Via – ArchMatika

Drone photos of the place reveal a bright yellow enclave that stands out from the surrounding city made up of the typical grey 1950s and 60s communist-era architecture that can typically be associated with the Eastern European region. It is also the first place in the country to utilize the ‘block development’ principle that is otherwise common in America.

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A city within a city, the town houses cafes, shops, and offices on the lower floors of each apartment. It also features a 14,763-square-foot retail section with a fitness club and a 3.7-acre outdoor sports facility. The cluster of 180 buildings further features space for leisure activities – such as five-a-side football and long streets, stretching from one side of the Town to the other.

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It also boats an Academy of Modern Education, complete with a 160-seat kindergarten, a 140-seat elementary school, and a 600-seat high school. Twenty-two children’s playgrounds are also placed strategically throughout the Town.

Via – ArchMatika

The project took a staggering 11 years to complete and is selling quickly at a rate of 200 homes a month, making it one of the most successful residential and commercial properties in the country. LEGO-loving folks, would you fancy your own home in The Comfort Town?

Via – ArchMatika
Via – ArchMatika

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